It started all with a Bic pen. Still one of my favorite tools (not only for doodling during meetings). Got my first one when I was two years old. From that moment started to draw everything I saw around me (and on everything around me when I had no paper). Gradually learned to use other tools. Until I was painting murals of two hundred square meter.

At the moment I'm limiting myself to more modest sizes and dividing my time between painting, drawing, photography and digital experiments on iphone and ipad.

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A book about rediscovering photography. It contains a selection of the pictures I made during the first ten months after switching to iPhone.

(No longer available)

Summer 2011, a month before going on holiday, I received my iPhone. Some months before I had dusted off my old Rolleiflex and was looking on Flickr for pictures taken with a Rolleiflex. While browsing I also found a lot of great pictures made with an iPhone, with Hipstamatic and other apps.

The moment I started using Hipstamatic, I was totally hooked. First I was making straight Hipstamatic pictures, experimenting with different film-lens combinations. Then came some modest experiments with Swankolab and Image Blender. But soon I was going wild with combinations of apps: Tiny Planets, Filterstorm, Lo-mob, Mirrored, PictureShow, Pixlromatic, Snapseed, Grunge (some Flickr friends blaming me for infecting them with the app virus..). And experiments with macrolenses. All the iPhone frenzy culminated in the publication of this book.



Maarten Oortwijn

If you have any questions or comments on this site or my work, please feel free to contact me on wijnworks at gmail dot com. Or if you have a smooth stucco wall needing a mural ....

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